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Changing Our Focus (plus upcoming shows!)

Chiapas weave with conchas and ribbons in “Chimu”

Designs for interiors, like the Chiapas weave throw in “Chimu” above, will be getting more attention (and more texture in the form of conchas and ribbons!)

First and most importantly, we have made the decision to exclusively focus on our designs for interiors. The demand for throws and pillows, as well as custom pieces for the home, has been growing for years, and has gradually overtaken our clothing line. As such, we are delighted to make this change, which in a way already felt overdue. The designing and weaving of a throw offers a larger canvas for the weaver and opens new possibilities for innovation in the weaving itself. Our throws and pillows are composed in a beautiful array of woven patterns. Those patterns are crafted to create a subtle interplay of colors and textures that can add a perfect balance to almost any room. As part of this shift, we are also expanding the number of throw designs that offer the added enhancement of conchas and ribbons.

However, not all wearables are out; We will continue to offer our ever-popular, velvety warm scarves in a wide variety of palettes and nubby textures.