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First Look for 2014

We are thrilled to introduce our new collection of handcrafted designs for home and outerwear at the upcoming WESA trade show in Denver, Colorado this January.  For those of you that cannot attend the show, all of our new pieces will be available on this website later this month.

We have three new design groups, in an array of patterns and palettes. Our first group is Highlands. The colors here are evocative of woodlands, lakes, and grasses.  So look for a subtle interplay of sky blue, teal, jade, and soft watery blues, with olives greens, earthy browns, and antique gold. Simple and elegant.

The second group is called Santa Fe Trail. The colors for this group are those that enliven the sky and the earth in New Mexico, and have been used by artisans throughout the west and Mexico for centuries.  Our new take on this palette are color combinations composed of warm terra cotta, cayenne, turquoise, and offset by black, russet, and nugget gold.

Our last color group is neither wispy nor earthy. It is called Mardi Gras, and it is a party whether you decorate with it or wear it. Our Mardi Gras pieces make a graphic statement with vivid colors and cushy textures in bright turquoise, hot house pink, Tabasco red, burnished orange and strong black.

We look forward to showing you our new designs,which are all handwoven to order in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.

Best ever,